Tips for Playing HongKong Pools Togel

Tips for Playing Hong Kong Pools Togel

HongKong Pools Togel – Hong Kong Togel is the provider of the biggest Online Togel gambling game in Asia after the Singapore Togel, even though the Hong Kong Togel is popular in the Togel Online Gambling group in Indonesia, even though there are still many of you who still don’t recognize the steps to play Hong Kong Togel, here we will help you to give tips on playing Hong Kong Togel, below are Tips for playing Hong Kong Togel:

1. High-Low Group
The number that comes out spreads in all parts of the number from 00-99, take all the numbers and then cut in two, so we have 1/2 low and 1/2 high. In one game of 100 numbers, numbers 00–49 are in the low group and 50–99 are in the high group. If we have 12 numbers, try to take a number with a combination of 4/8, 8/4, or 6/6, namely 4 numbers in the low group and 8 numbers in the high group, or 8 numbers in the low group and 4 numbers in the high group. , or 6 numbers in the low and high groups.

2. Odd-Even Groups
If we have 12 selected numbers, let’s take a combination of 4/8, 8/4, or 6/6 from even numbers, namely 4 numbers in odd groups and 8 numbers in even groups, or 8 numbers in odd groups and 4 numbers in even groups, or 6 numbers in odd and even groups.

3. Shio Group
zodiac group is divided into three groups namely
group 1: zodiac 1, 4, 7, 10
group 2: zodiac 2, 5, 8, 11
group 3: zodiac 3, 6, 9, 12
the benefits of the zodiac group will also reduce the number taken from what we have.

4. Amount Group
after you have 12 numbers that will also play, try the number of all 12 numbers taken from 368 to 828. This number will also be in the range of 70 percent of the lottery numbers that will also come out.

5. Individual Groups
Increase referrals, join communes or lottery groups around our environment to share material with the number of choices that we have.

Many tricks are offered on the internet, starting with a system of pruning dead 2d numbers, system multiples, live system numbers, 3d, 4d sitting number systems, etc. actually they are good at their steps but I believe that all those who practice tricks tips are many who lose because of them do not understand tricks play …

Jia you are truly a lottery player who wants to be a millionaire, so leave the steps that are not necessary that have been prepared for you Tips to play lottery that 100% you will also win a minimum of 20 million in one month, I will also give my calculations to you, right no, what real estate is not winning if you later know, so you will also make a decision

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